Ain't Love A Bitch - Rod Stewart

Been in pain and I've been in shame
But ain't love a b_tch
I been in fights, locked away for nights
But ain't love a b_tch
I been tailed, impaled, strung up
and nailed and left without a stitch
I been scratched 'n' taxed 'n' finally axed
But ain't love a b_tch

Oh I didn't understand till I was seventeen
She took me way upstairs and she wiped me clean
Oh I didn't realize she made a first class fool out of me
Oh Maggie if you're still out there the rest is history

You're all alone in the freezing cold
by the underground
Your hands are numb and you're feeling dumb
cos you been let down
You thought you were rough and kinda tough
and maybe out of reach
You're acting chic, playing hide 'n' seek
But ain't love a b_tch

Oh I must state right here I been there before
My eyes were closed and so my friends
I still don't know the score
Oh don't underestimate the strength of it
It may be unwise to analyze even the cause of it

You're driving home late one night and on the radio
Comes an old familiar song you used to know so well
(you know a lot about that)
Oh I can't comprehend this thing called love
Maybe it's a matter of fact I just can't grow up
Deep down ain't we all a little juvenile
All I really wanna know is there one sweet angel
that can make me smile

Ain't love a b_tch

Torrential rains, wars and hurricanes
I wouldn't budge an inch
Your rent's unpaid and your team lose again
But ain't love a b_tch
You can lose your job, your home and your health
But ain't love a b_tch
Take it or leave it some day you'll feel it
'cos love is the b_tch

Ain't love the b_tch, ain't love a b_tch
Ain't love a b_tch, ain't love a b_tch
Ain't love a b_tch

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