Cocaine - Royce Da 5'9"

Door is closed
Trust is broke
What's got choked?
In my throat
Can't let go...
Of my hopes
My high hopes...
My high hopes...

Papa came home from another day of hard work
And handed me his key, told me go look in the car
So I went out there to look for what he asked me to get
I was checking all the seats but the only thing I saw was a bag of c_caine
Papa was [?] he ain't never tell a lie
I went in to tell him 'bout it, he said oh that must be [?]
He worked with me at the job
I said oh and walked away
He said oh before you go make sure you don't tell your Ma' about the c_caine
Me and little homie, we was walking to the store
It was right there on the corner
And we seen a guy that's homeless
He was wrapped up in a blanket
He was lookin' really cold
Then he asked us for some change
And he asked us if we know who had the c_caine (c_caine, c_caine)
I'm losing my mind tryna figure out how did I inherit so much pain
I drink a lot of alcohol, problems with the law
But I have done better or the same
Daddy never tried c_caine (c_caine)
Daddy never tried c_caine (c_caine)

So my father's only next logical step was to go to rehab
And that's exactly what he did
He went to rehab and got completely clean
Hasn't done a drug in over 20 years
He did that for himself but he did that because he doesn't want to lose us
Woo, strong man

Now lets talk about how much I respect my Pop
He been through so much in life, we ain't never had a lot
We just had eachother's back, that was really all we need
Pop I love you unconditional and thanks for loving me, boy, c_caine
My father's tells me over c_caine (c_caine)
I'm proud to say that I'm an addict who inherit your pain

Justice brung
Words got choked...

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