God Speed - Royce Da 5'9" feat Ashley Sorrell

Never would have made it, made it out
It's god speed
It's god...
It's god speed
It's god...)

Uh, this is just high zone when borders pass
I was born at a quarter past, I was the color purple
Mom and Pop took me home in a Crown Royale bag
I'm the hottest n_gga that you know with the coldest intentions
Uh, all I know is this flow and this pencil
The Lord as my shepard, the Devil's my Doberman Pinscher
The industry said I had to be an alcoholic
When we having threesomes we doing acid and having seizures
Wish I could go back to my old school and slap the teachers
All I had to do to blow up was an album packed with features
I don't relate to common folk, they focus on the comments
So I'm gonna roll a Tesla Roadster down the coast of Monaco
Low and behold, your honorable n_ggas is sh_t
N_ggas is sleep, bout awoke as a dinosaur
My connect'll give you a whole kilo of Coke so he can go Geronimo
He should receive a trophy for being the holy Jesus of flows
He the G.O.A.T., baaah, that should be my taaaag
I'm from the streets where the odds are not even
Robbery, thievin', ballers, debauchery, schemin'
The lie of Jesus is hard to believe
I'm a product of Eve in the garden of Eden
Speaking, how target have we been?
Rihanna stalker, I'm parked in the DMs, shark in the deep end
Put the paws on you, I soften your defense
Hit your pause b_tton, halt your critiquin'
Talk is cheap, the more you n_ggas talk and it cheapens
And all I see is prayer 'round the streets today
I'm about a freak away from having Issa Rea eating out Lisa Ray
Any artist out that you see is great, tell 'em I said bring his ass
Better bring his A, let his single play
We don't care what you say, hit you in the face with the b_tt of the gun
You leak and get your street cred and a few streams
Pop go the weasal, n_gga, Fiva Nina I'm the illest
You got pop culture fever, n_gga, all I know is Big and Pac quotes
Pop tose [?] and squeezing triggers
Speeding tickets, now I'm pulling cops over, give them n_ggas season tickets
Teesha used to shoot me down vicious, now she the misses
She turn me into a family guy quicker than Peter Griffin
I told myself when I was 14 that she the one
Now a n_gga probably got more seeds than Peter Gunz
Now I go out to get my groceries in two-seaters
Used to roll the old school, four speakers and two tweeters
Riding with nothing but raw quarterpacks and duffels
Ryan Rice [?] heaters, y'all n_ggas is cut like one them Get Rich or Die Tryin' wife-beaters
Me? I'm just all shoulder straps and muscle
If you a hater, lets do it
I whip you now and then whip on your boy later
Them whippins'll go around like a tornado
I get rid of more yayo, I don't do RoDayo
Or ales, I do the Floyd May-o's
So many men shopping the women's section, it ain't no ladies left
These n_ggas crazy, yes
They playin' crazy like the Chappelle sketch, Wayne Brady ep
I'm what you get when Freeway Rick and C_caine 80s met
Bringing bars back to the streets like Jay and Nas beef
Broadcasting Ether in HD, God speed

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