It's Tuesday (Intro) - Royce Da 5'9"

It's Royce 5'9!!

[Royce talking]
Yeah, you scared ain't you? Haha
Relax.. it's just music
(It's Royce 5'9!!)
D-Elite, Jah 5'9, Royce 5'9
Cha Cha, Cut Throat, Billy Nix
My n_gga Tre' Little, my n_gga E
The Rock City n_ggaz, we in a world of our own
Don't you wanna come ride wit us?
Come ride wit us
Yeah, ride wit us down in Seven Mile
N_ggaz with Rock City tattoos on they forearms
N_ggaz throwin they sevens up wit..
Detroit D tattooed on they hand
That's how we do.. n_ggaz'll die for this sh_t
Time to play.. check it out

Aiyyo, sit back, smoke, the joke is over, you woke
This is pure provoked "Murder", it's over "She Wrote"
I don't know how n_ggaz manage to sleep
Wake up! The clock radio done panicked the streets
Say somethin! I been waitin now hand me these beats
I'm simply a branch of the Slim Shady family tree
That'll snap - D12 first in line of the wrath, I came last
Bout to put my size nine and a half, in the game's ass
Once I hit the booth I swooped on n_ggaz like "Whoosh"
Two-bit n_ggaz, coupes, and figures we rule
I been viscious, dissless and from one track to the next
I was gangsta when rap was nothin but the hats with the X
I sat and watched album for album, n_ggaz flop
N_ggaz went from pro-black to Italian, I was hot
I worked my f_ckin ass off, hopin to blast off
Now I'ma let y'all see me, like when Ghost took his mask off
Give you more run for ya ones, packin a full clip
Rapper n_ggaz come witcha guns, don't bullsh_t
I'ma only give you wild sh_t, rap with a mild pitch
Only clever with that occasional style switch
Y'all n_ggaz play around on the mic, that's why I'm bout to lay it down
Savor they way that you soundin tonight
Because, I listen to y'all n_ggaz records on Fool's Day
Now crack open and bump my sh_t, it's Tuesday!

[women singing]
It's Royce 5'9!!
This n_gga know he too cool
But don't ya know ya too smooth
I really love how ya do
It ain't no other like you
You better wake up, he's coming...

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