Lost Again - Ryan Cabrera

Lost and then found oh I know you're around,
I can't help but to look in the clouds,
If I had to guess as to where you would be,
it's looking out on over me,
I never thought that moment would come
when I'd have to look out my window alone,
now I'm watching the stars and still hoping to see
the day when you will come back to me,

And everything that you thought was fine
has turned its back into more than time,
You said to me that its all allright,
you can't find yourself today,

Lost and then found how I live for that day,
some call me crazy for thinking this way,
my life seems so empty, its rained for a while
Your eyes still glow, How I love your smile


I Will

Do you ever wonder if we were not friends?
I know it's hard to ponder,
but there's reasons for that,
I can't go on without you,
its burning inside of my head,
And I feel so alone without you,
Now I can't survive, it must be your eyes,


I will not take that road again,
I will not try to find those things out in my head,
I will not take that road
even if I keep my head above the ground
which you know I will

Don't you ever wonder what things would be like?
well I know I can't give you everything
but wouldn't that just be nice,


I've tried, now people can't you see
If I'm blind now and, if all this was a dream
at least it was a dream about you

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