Crash & Burn - Ryan Malcolm

There's a picture in my window
Of a world that sleeps outside
As still as it was midnight
Is Heaven left behind?

It's a book that has no story
Shakespeare had no time
Or is it like poetry?
That never ever, never ever rhyms
Baby wait your turn,
'Cause you might crash and burn

And you're runnin' and runnin' just as fast as you can
'Till the ground's a blur
And you can see it almost touch it with the palm of your hand
Watch you don't crash and burn
Crash and burn

Like a movie with no ending
Fame at any cost
How do we know what's precious
If innocence, innocence is lost
So let's wait our turn,
Before we crash and burn, oh


Everybody loses
Just before they win
Life is all surprises
And here they come, here they come again
Rushin' in, Rushin' in


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