Gott Mit Uns - Sabaton

[Swedish version:]

Ingen vila till natten,
For i gryningen gar vi mot strid
Vi ar redo att do for var kung
Har pa falten vid Breitenfeld

Svenskar ge eld
Gud aro med oss
Strid for Er tro
Ge ingen nad

Gott mit uns
Varan konung har talat
Hor vart stridsrop, Gott mit uns

Fran ett slagfalt av blod
Fods en stormakt av mod
Ifran Norden vi slar
Har vi star

Hor kanonerna dana,
Hor en har som marscherar i takt
Nar vi stormar vid Breitenfeld
Vanter dod eller ara?

Blas till attack
Se till hans fana
Folj eran kung
Rid uti strid

[English version:]

God With Us

Spent the night in formation,
To the battle we marched in the dawn...
We were ready to die for our king
On the fields of Breitenfeld

Fire at will
Aim for their cannons
Counter attack
Thunder of guns

Gott mit uns
As we all stand united
All together Gott mit uns

From the old world's demise
See an empire rise
From the north reaching far
Here we are

On September the seventh
We filled their hearts with fear
Seven times they attacked on that day
Seven times they retreated

Cavalry charge
Follow that banner
After the king
Freedom we bring

Breaking their lines
Thousands of soldiers
Run for their lives
Legends arise

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