The Art of War - Sabaton

I stand alone and gaze upon the battlefield
Wasteland is all that's left after the fight
And now I'm searching a new way to defeat my enemy
Bloodshed I've seen enough of death and pain

I will run, they will hunt me in vain
I will hide, they'll be searching
I'll regroup, feign retreat they'll pursue
Coup de grace I will win but never fight

That's the Art of War!

Breaking the will to fight among the enemy
Force them to hunt me they will play my game
And play by my rules I will be close but still untouchable
No more will I see suffering and pain

They will find me no more I'll be gone
I will have them surrounded
They will yield without fight overrun
Coup de grace I will win but never fight

Broken and lost
Tired of war
They'll surrender to me
Caught in my trap
There's no way out
Fail never again never again

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