Honest Feedback - Saint Motel

Of all the illegal ways to end someone's life
There's one just as sharp and it's sharp as a knife.
It's called honest feedback.
It's called honest feed-

So many ways to put a foot in the hearse
A gun gets it done but there's something much worse
It's called honest feedback.
It's called honest feed-

Your tongue's magic.
Your tongue's magic now.

So many people got their neck in the noose.
They'd rather step off then hear gossip from you.
When it is honest feedback.
When it's honest feed-

How do I look?
Am I driving too fast?
Of all of your old lovers am I the best?
It's just honest feedback,
Watch your honest feed-

So many people again and again
They make their enemies telling the truth to their friends.
It's called honest feedback.
Watch your honest feed-

How was this song?
Did you like what you heard?
Would you play it again or is this just too absurd?
It's just honest feedback
It's just honest feed-

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