I'm Still in Love with You - Same Same

I saw you sitting over there
Romancing with another guy
You know my eyes they never lie
How did if feel to tear a hole
Right through the middle of, of my broken heart

I need to take some time to think about us
It?s not you it?s me and I?m really sorry

What did you say don?t take this the wrong way
What could be worse hey hey hey?
Now I?m here all alone with my heart in my hands
And I?m still in love with you
How could you throw this all away?
Can?t get any worse hey hey hey
When I?m still in love with you

When I think about what we shared
It?s hard for me to reason why
You would leave me high and dry
What made you say those words to me?
Of such simplicity
You know I?m not just any guy
You could have used a better line

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