Pray for You - Sara Evans

Sometimes I wish I could run home to mama's lovin' arms
In the springtime, when the weather's fine
Sittin' with her on the porch, glass of tea and nothin' more
Than her smile, for just a little while
And when I don't know where to go
I think of home and how she used to sing to me, she sang

"Que sera, sera, life goes on
Whatever's meant to be will always be
And baby what don't kill you will make you stronger
Just love the journey that you're on
In all you do, I'll pray for you"

Wild horses and fairy tales sometimes turn into somethin' else
That you never saw comin' at you at all
So I guess I'm callin' just because he wasn't who I thought he was
And I can't believe he stopped lovin' me
So when I'm feelin' all alone
I think of home and how you used to sing to me

(Repeat Chorus)

I got babies of my own
And I'm the one they're countin' on to be here
For every little tear, and I'll sing

(Repeat Chorus)

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