Out of Tune - Sarah McLachlan

[Verse 1:]
Behind our door -
There's no war
No burning towers;
Just hours -
Of peace

Between us atleast,
No bridges,
No violence;
Makes no sense.

It isn't my heart that's growing cold.
The same mistakes are getting old.
I'm lost for words;
I don't know what to do.

When I'm lying here with you,
And the whole world's out of tune -
You're the one and only voice,
That makes things right.
So stay with me tonight.

[Verse 2:]
Behind our door -
There's no hunger;
No one triumphs.
Sailing Heaven.
Just lovin' arms,

Just tonight-
I don't want to hear 'bout our trying times
Don't want to know,
What lost children -
That someone,
Held for ransom.



I hope we can rise above
And disguise ??
Another time
Will lose.


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