When You Go out Tonight - Saturday Looks Good To Me

When you go out tonight
Wear your coat, and baby, take your knife
'Cause if it's only in my mind
It's with your Coca-Cola eyes and your valentines
But you don't know where the whole thing ends, so don't waste time
I'm not concerned with your new boyfriend or your thrift store finds
When you go, overthrow,
You don't want to be the one left crying out loud
With the windows down
Walking home alone
There's some crows up in the trees
I think they're mad at you, but they mad at me!
And I'm still sitting here in the bar
Handing out these photocopies pictures of my heart
When you go walking down the street
Don't turn around, no matter what you see
When you go wherever you're gonna go tonight
I don't care about your new boyfriend
The motherf_cker is no friend of mine
When you go, don't be slow
I'm not gonna be the one left crying out loud
Shoot the windows out
And walk back home alone.

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