Tears Of Pearls - Savage Garden

And We Stare Each Other Down
Like Vicitms In The Grind
Probing All The Weakness
And Hurt Still Left Behind And We Cry
The Tears Of Pearls
We Do It Oh We Do It

Is Love Really The Tragedy The Way You
Might Describe
Or Would A Thousand Lovers
Still Leave You Cold Inside
Make You Cry
These Tears Of Pearls

All These Mixed Emotions We
Keep Locked Away Like Stolen Pearls
Stolen Pearl Devotions We
Keep Locked Away From All The World

Your Kisses Are Like Pearls
So Different And So Rare
But Anger Stole The Jewels Away
And Love Has Left You Bare
Made You Cry
These Tears Of Pearls

Well I Could Be The Tired Joker
Pour My Heart To Get You In
Sacrifice My Happiness
Just So I Could Win
Maybe Cry
These Tears Of Pearls


We Twist And Turn Where Angels Burn
Like Fallen Soldiers We Will Learn
That Once Forgotten Twice Removed
Love Will Be The Death
The Death Of You

Repeat Chorus

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