Surrender - Savages

When in your life did you surrender
Late in the night do you remember

What were the dreams that you betrayed then
Would you go back if you could save them now

Did you believe there was something more
Waiting behind some forgotten door
Or was that all long before

You felt the pressure grow inside your brain
Where every nerve is on fire
You start to wonder if you're going insane
It's not a fate you desired

Time is running down

Moments of reason that we hope to find
Are we a thought somewhere in god's mind
A work of art that he has never signed

Children and mirrors have no memory
They reflect us for that is all they see
They are the us that is still yet to be
And so we carry on

The clock is ticking and your growing afraid
That the end will be violent
You walk the edges all around your own grave
And the gods they are silent
Or can not be found

Searching your mind for correspondence from
Joseph and mary and their only son
Is their silence something you have done


And in the end what have you defied
To end up so nearly crucified
Just let me know when you decide
That all hope is gone

Come and see him dying
For it's really quite a show
Walking on a wire
Though he never seems to know
Even when he's falling
You can see a little smile
Figures that he's flying
Only for a little while

The ground is rushing towards him
But he never sees it there
Lives his life in pieces
Always taking every dare
What will be the ending
Well i'm sure that i don't know
The ground is getting closer
Come and see the show
See the show
See the show
See the show

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