Sacrilegious - Schoolboy Q

[Verse 1: Schoolboy Q]
Gloomy on sunny days
Shadows no house of trees
Prayers not close to me
As I bow down and take a knee
Help as far as the eye can see
Hoodies and weaponry
Naive to being free
Locked up we chasing keys
Hows your eyes, investigate us
While we look up to entertainers
Ball players pistol bangers
Big brothers, uncles uncles
Betrayed by alot of homies
All my friendships stay on shuffle
Huddle stay steady find a plan
Spread evil beyond the land
As I push down up on this trigger
And burn f_cker burn
Every step take getting deeper
Survival my main concern
Marinate in satin's sweat
Take a sip of this holy water
Hoping God still keep me blessed
With a dark shield for my armor


[Verse 2: Schoolboy Q]
Promises man I promised
None of them goals accomplished
Promises man I promised
To be loyal and honest
Promises man I promised
Lied on separate occasions
Promises man I promised
My promises is aging
Hennessy what my system like
Feeling like superman
I might crip tonight
I bring loss to life
A gruesome site
Look who done got involved
It's no different from wars, it's kill or be called upon
Feeling teary eyed, thinking I've gone too far
Ask God for forgiveness, sh_t I doubt he heard me at all
They say clean your hands before you eat, rest your sins with pray
But I've done did some things I don't think I could ever wash away



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