There He Go - Schoolboy Q

[Verse 1: Schoolboy Q]
Ain't got no jewelry on still I'm shinin' hard
Ain't got no bodyguard walkin' solo through the mall
B_tches and the hoes know they see me they like: "There he go! "
They be like: "There he go! Schoolboy, there he go! "
Cheifin' like a muthaf_ckin' Seminole
Here we go, off probation probably go to Me-hi-co
Furthermore, can't find this in the store, this sh_t ain't for the low
Got my daughter swaggin' like her muthaf_ckin' daddy though
The patio with a muthaf_ckin' view
Nappy chin hairs, b_tch I'm muthaf_ckin' Q
Uhhh, muthaf_cka', muthaf_cka' yeah
F_ckin' is my favorite word, reason why I'm f_ckin' her
She swallow my d_ck and balls, whatever occur
Purr, I love that kitty cat
Ass fat, throw it back, I can't believe you wifing that
Deepthroat, seven or eleven, she's a double gulp
My pistol drawn, her boyfriend got me paranoid
N_gga try sneakin' up on me and I'm makin' noise
But what I failed to understand
I'm the muthaf_ckin' man, ran into him, he's a fan

[Hook: Schoolboy Q]
I'm shinin' hard, they be like: "There he go! "
No bodyguard, they be like: "There he go! "
Up in your broad, they be like: "There he go! "
They be like: "There he go! Schoolboy, there he go! "
HiiiPoweR b_tch, they be like: "There he go! "
Black Hippy sh_t, they be like: "There he go! "
Magnificent, they be like: "There he go! "
They be like: "There he go! Schoolboy, there he go! "

[Verse 2: Schoolboy Q]
Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane
No, it be this n_gga here just lookin' at you lames
With my n_ggas, yo we bettin' on the Laker game
Even though my n_ggas lost another iTunes check to Dame
Garcia Vegas, yeah, that b_tch be burnin' slow
'Quip a four, now the blunts go back around like merry-go
Uh, fo' sho', ain't no need for n_ggas out here frontin' do'
Metapho', how I come with it? I don't f_ckin' know
Y'all actin' like that TDE don't run L.A
Coast ain't been this tall since Pac, Death Row, and Dr. Dre
Word to Dr. Dre, Detox is like a mix away
So go ahead and let the grown-ups work and go somewhere and play
Worldwide Holocaust, cuh we murder sh_t
Without a gun or knife, it's just a f_ckin' hit
P_ssy drips, raining in her cervix, I'm a f_ckin' pimp
Saggin' low, crack a n_gga b_tch just like pistachio


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