Just That Girl - Selena Gomez

(she's that girl, I know it)
Sometimes feels like everybody wants something from me
Dont' understand I can only be one person that's Joey (Joey)
Got game, got fame, got everything in this world I need (but the girl)
I Don't know her name cause I've only met her in my dreams
But i'm gonna find her cause (chorus)she's just that girl
The one's that dancing through my mind
The girl that I've been trying to find
Her style is crazy she's a dime
And it's almost like I can see her she's just that girl (verse)
Something happends when you groove earth beneath ya starts to move you so bad I'm looking at you
Crazy how you work that frame
You and me we can change the game
What's your secret what's your name?
Follow me your a star
When you move your off the charts
You've already won my heart
Follow me your a star you don't have to play the part
You can be just who you are
Cause your just that girl
she know she's
Just that girl (repeat)
I have her picture in my mind I see
Just that girl and I cant' wait for the day we meet
baby we'd be so fly
Baby just you and I
I wanna give you the world
she knows she's just that girl (repeat x3)
the ones that's dancing through my mind, the ones that i've been trying to find, her style is crazy she's a dime, and its' almost like I can see her
she's just that girl

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