Bite My Lip - Shania Twain

I got a 9 to 5 it seems like it never ends
I got a touchy boss that wants me in his hands yeah
And no is a word that he doesn't understand

He says baby can you work with me tonight
I know he knows that I can use the overtime yeah
But I can tell he's gonna hand me another line

I gotta bite my lip
Keep it inside
Gotta bite my lip
Just let it ride
I gotta bite my lip
Watch what I say
Gotta bite my lip
Just walk away

Yeah i run straight home I got a hot date tonight yeah
I got a chilled champange for dinner by candlelight
He's gonna be here soon and everything will be alright

I get a call guess who's on the other line
I can't make it tonight can be do it another time yeah
Oh the nerve i'd like to give him a peice of my mind


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