LUV Eyes - Shania Twain

This friend of mine he looks real good
He drives a fast car and lives in Hollywood
He treats me like his little sis
I gotta let him know I want more than this

His girlfriend Jane is a prissy brat
I don't know what he sees in that
You thinks she's cool in her short tight dress
You take away the glamour and she's just a mess

[Pre-chorus 1]
Do you ever think of me as more than just a friend ever
Will this dream ever end

I got L-U-V eyes looking at you
I got a B-I-G heart made for two
Would you feel the same if you only knew
I got L-U-V eyes lookin' at you

I wann close my eyes and take a deep breath
I wanna be strong but I'm scared to death
Wanna put your arms around my waist
And tell you that I love you right to your face

Pre-chorus 1


This friend of mine he looks real good
And guess who made it Hollywood
No more Jane I got her beat
And now I'm sittin' pretty in the front seat

[Pre-chorus 2]
Have you ever looked at me
And felt the feeling of Heaven
The two of us in love


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