Wild And Wicked - Shania Twain

Full moon cravin' just a little
Young love from an innocent one
No shame, purely noncommital
It's the only way to go if you wanna have fun

Kickstart the rythm pull out on the road
Replying on an overload
I need some baby blues reflectin' in the mirror
Tellin' me all the things I wanna hear

Loved and lost
I paid a painful cost
Feel my love
I've reached the point of no return

I'm wild and wicked
Wild and wicked for love
Wild and wicked
Wild and wicked for love

I need a guy that's full of sex appeal
I need a guy that looks good in the red
I want someone with a heart that I can steal
I want someone to drive me outta my head

Tight jeans, cute, and the way I might behave
Full of trouble you might say
All those things, you said it
Ooh I want him in the back that way



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