Nothing Like You - Shawn Colvin

Four blocks up and two streets down,
I went back to my old hometown
Like a kid I ran and hid on cue
That?s when times were really sad
Winter there was really bad
And we all just froze but for a chosen few
Did you ever see someone you knew
Holding fast and staying strong and true
And they were nothing like you?
Truth to tell and time to burn
I hit the wall at every turn
The ceiling cracked in half and I just flew
Poetry is what I heard
I was hanging onto every word
I was a lover for the world to woo
I have seen the top of Mt. Ventoux
I have seen a miracle or two
And they?re N O T H I N G L I K E Y O U
You?ve been waiting for awhile
I can tell
Off my head and on the fence
Maybe there?s no accidents
Anyway I?d say I have come to
So fool me once that might be fun
Fool me twice well that?s been done
You can fool me everyday I won?t say boo
I believe I have pulled a major coup
I believe I have boarded up the zoo
I believe I have dropped the other shoe
And there?s N O T H I N G L I K E Y O U

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