Nobody - Shawn Desman

Ohhhh ya ya ya ya ya

When I think about my baby
I think how lucky I am
To have somebody who can love me
Love me for who I am
Gurl for me your just so perfect
Just the way you are
And dont matter where you go from here
You always have my heart
And I relize what I got
So ima never take it for grandted gurl
And no matter how far away
I will stay true to you yea

Cause I dont want to kiss nobody
If I cant be kissing you
(If I cant be kissing you)
And I dont want to hold nobody
If I cant be holding you
(If I cant be holding you)

If I can not hold you gurl
Dont want nobody else, no
There aint to much I belive in
But I belive in us gurl
In this crazy world we live in
And I know in you I can trust
What I wont do is go n mess this up
Honeslty I cant see me without you by my side
And I realize what I got
More than ever now
No matter how far way
I will stay true to you, yea

[Chorus X1]

(You want love Baby)
Come take it
(Your heart)
You know i wont break it
(Feels like)
Im walkin on air
I cant be-live your mine
All mine
Baby gurl
All mine

[Chorus X2]

I just wanna spend the rest of my life, The rest of my life
And if I cant have you baby
Then I dont want, nobody

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