Good Together (Bucket and Chicken) - SheDaisy

You got the bucket, baby
I got the chicken
You got the Smith and Wesson
I got the ammunition
Maybe we could shoot the town
Or sit around finger lickin' yeah

Alone we're not half bad
But we could be a whole lot better
Anybody knows us, knows we're good
Just a little sliver of sunlight in stormy weather
Like a tear in my beer, we're good together
Good together
You're a pesky little fly
I'm the pink plastic swatter
You're a back seat kinda guy
And I'm the Bishop;s daughter
A steamin' jalapeno
Think I need a drink of water

{Repeat Chorus}

Let's have a little mixer, a little pick her upper
An all night, hold me tihgt, candlelight supper
No daddy, no mama, no sister, no brother
Just you and me, a pod and a pea,
we compliment each other
Oh yeah, we're good together

Come on baby
Turn me on
I'll turn up the radio
Beneath the velvet Elvis
We can dance just like Jessco
Twirl me like a trailer park in a tornado

{Repeat Chorus}

Good together

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