Hold My Tongue - Sheppard

I'm hoping somebody's gonna hold my tongue.
Oh yes I'm hoping somebody's gonna hide my gun.
I'm hoping cause I don't wanna die this young
Oh yes I'm hoping I'm gone when the man comes along.

I'm hoping somebody's gonna hold my tongue.
But I've been taking his trouble for far too long.
Don't be afraid we're gonna right his wrongs.
And when the sh_t hits the fan he's gonna start to run.

If you wanna be part of a better restart (Ohhhhhh Ohhhh)
I can see a crack in the back of his weak heart. (Ohhhh Ohhhh)
We could turn it upside down with all the lies and disguises buried underground.
Oh? You'll never hold me down?

We're all wrapped up in a web of lies
Spun like a mummy but they missed our eyes
They're waiting in the middle of their own demise
But if we're marching together we can break inside

Even distant stars align
And I've seen the rain erode rock in time.
Even baby birds must fly in time.

I'm hoping somebody's gonna hold my tongue
But a screaming protester can't be wrong.
I know that somebody's gonna get it done.
Yes I'm hoping the megaphone man comes along.

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