Hydra - Showbread

decisions are a vacuum that drain what's in your head
and you expend what's left of you to tuck her into bed
butler for a human vacuum pouting in itself
she pushed you down and broke your crown and made you someone else

relieve the sentinels left charge over our grief
resentment swells to fill the wells where we drown our relief
so if we ever make our choice, break our bones and they'll rejoice

sodden waif-slave, nine to five, ruthless reprimand
false empire you've built for yourself to be a family man
your second hand bears not your visage, instead it looks like her
lost so much of yourself that you've forgotten who you were

you're like a man that has two heads
and I have three or four
it's likely we'll be growing more
wound up the lattice of my neck and split into a fork
vampire bat stuck to your neck is s_cking all your blood

if you ask me three times i will answer you the same
"Lord, you know I love you? though I said I didn't know your name"
so when I finally make my choice, break my bones and they'll rejoice

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