The Journey (Nervosa) - Showbread feat Soul Glow

Open up the wide gates here I come
The broad path is getting trampled under my feet
The narrow way and the tiny ugly door is getting smaller and smaller
Too small for me
Open me up just like a vacuum s_cking in the dirt
Put it all inside me baby
Hear, speak, see and rise like leviathan
Armor plated, fire breathing

Yeah, I am
I am the empty empty
Yeah I am
I am the nothing in me

My will be done, done did it
Did the everything that leads to nothing
And breathing in the rotten stink, feeling something
Something Leads to nothing breathe it in
Bat wings swathing my face screeching singing something into me the light, it flees
Open up the earth, my veins, my legs, my throat, my head, my soul is dead

Breaking down the walls that you leave up to keep me from eating the tree of knowledge
S_ck that fruit and spit the seed
Leave behind the sad and spineless
Part the sea and break apart the crust let me in the darkest tunnels at night
Let your spirit sag like a skin molting let it drop, shut out the ugly light

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