Fuck The Border - Silverstein

A friend of mine dropped me a line, it said, "man, I gotta run to the USA. I got no money, got no job." She skipped out of Mexico to stay alive. You've got a problem with her living here, but what did you do to help her before she f_cking came? What did the country do? What did the people do? I stand not by my country, but by people of the whole f_cking world. No fences, no borders. Free movement for all. F_ck the border. It's about f_cking time to treat people with respect. It's our culture and consumption that makes her life unbearable. F_ck this country; its angry eyes, its knee-jerk hordes. Legal or illegal, watch her f_cking go. She'll take what's hers. Watch her f_cking go. F_ck the border.

Some people have to stay and fight for survival in the country they live in while others have to leave to survive. Corporations cross international borders all the time in search of people to exploit for profit and no one stops them. They call it globalization. On the other hand, the victims of corporate domination are told that they can't cross borders in search of better lives, and are forced to stay and deal with the social, economic and environmental messes the companies leave behind when they inevitably move their operations to places with even more "favourable business climates" (re: lower wages, lax environmental laws, tax breaks). Looks like capitalism and human-rights don't mix.

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