Pretty Girls - Simon & Milo

If I were I dentist I would take the oportunity to look in your mouth
maybe if I did I would better understand just what you're talking about
and if my X-ray picture gave the proper information I'd be back at the start
'cause everytime I try to talk to you my words keep falling apart

pretty girls make me nervous
pretty girls make me nervous
pretty girls make me nervous
when they're as pretty as you

If I were a surgeon I would do an operation to examine your heart
I'd check to see if you and me could move beyond the very start
and if my diagnosis turned out positive I'd still be only dreaming of you
'cause approaching you is something that I'd never ever have the guts to do


and when she smiles it makes me happy
and when she's near I get so dreamy
and in my award winning dream
I'd peform like I was on a movie screen
as I casually pop the question..
do you want to go out for coffee with me
(I don't drink coffee)

If I were a lawyer I would argue for the right to kiss you passionately
and if I were a teacher I would rewrite history so you would end up with me
and If I were an architect then I'd be busy drawing up the perfect plan
but all of these thing I'm not so alone is the only thing I am.


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