Go to Sleep l - Simon Webbe

Go To Sleep my little baby [x2]
Your mamas gone away and your daddy's gonna stay...

The light is fading It's the end of the day, she's lying awake.
Wondering if tomorrow's gonna be her friend. (Mmm)
She's too young to understand but knows somethings wrong.
Now mama has gone, and daddy's doing all that he can to recompense. (O Trys his best)
And out of these lonely days, she's trying to make the most.
This unfamiliar place, she's trying to make it home.
She's working hard to get the kind of love her mama gave, (oh oh oh)

(Go to sleep my little baby). Go to sleep my little baby
(Go to sleep my little baby). Go to sleep my little baby.
Your mama's gone away and your daddy's gonna stay.
Don't leave nobody but the babe. [x2]

She take the pressure and she hides it away.
Still wakes everyday, and always sets the table for an extra place. (Ohh Place)
this ain't what she chose, this it what she's got.
Hope that when she grows old, no one needs to pay the cost.
She's working hard to be the kind of girl her mama was, (oh oh oh)


Mamas Gone Away and Your Daddy's Gonna Stay don't leave know body but the babe...

Go to sleep...
Your daddy's gonna stay...
Your daddy's gonna stay.... [Till End]

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