My Gun, Your Bullets - Sinai Beach

I can feel your eyes on my face.
I can sense the laughter in this place.
I can see disgust in your eyes, as they stare straight back to mine.
I feel the prick of your fingers pointing at my back: ?Worthless!?
I?ll speak up, just not with my voice.
Time to talk back.
Crush all that I am, because all I am is not all you are.
And now all that?s left of me is only what you?ve chosen to leave be.
So leave me in my ruins: just a mound of flesh.
So leave me in my ruins: my prison of flesh.
But I?m breaking free, and you?re helping me.
My hand holds the gun, your hate pulls the trigger.
My life is over, it?s about time I speak up.

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