Instances - Siobhan Donaghy

Verse 1
I was kept away
Locked up from the shemes
In your darkest faces
I saw enemies
Never told you to stay down
Now I?m suffering
Why you?re my leases
I wait patienly
I wait patienly

If I, if I had only known
The places I was shown
Made me so unsure
A lie is something I would yearn for
For dying to explore
These very instances that left me scarred
Left me scarred

Verse 2
Who could fit the bill
And what you ask ain?t clear
No reason for the anguish
When you never had to fear
I?d given all my binding
Into your ideal
Find my dedicated
Unsure of what to feel
Unsure of what to feel


Who?s talking to ya ?
Who?s talking to ya now
'cos I can?t hear a sound
And there?s no one else around but me
Am I so hard to see
Who?s talking to ya

Chorus x2

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