The Enigma of Life - Sirenia

Still speaks the silence
It speaks in riddles to my mind
And time keeps passing by
As I walk tearful through this life

Dreams pass by silently,
I see them waving back at me
All hope is long since gone,
I guess it really never was there at all
A mirage passed on

I know the darkness will break me
And you can not save me, can't catch my fall
I feel the sorrow embrace me, this life depraves me
I'm lost forevermore

[1st solo]

My life darkens year by year, and no one seems to really care
My fear always lingers here, it's growing stronger deep inside of me
It won't set me free

[2nd solo]

Tears shed in silence, they run in rivers down my face
And what am I still living for, I can not take this pain no more

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