Sister - Sister2Sister

She, won't get off the phone, she won?t leave me alone
When I'm talking to that guy
She, can be a real nightmare, gets me to do her hair
And says it never turns out right
But then I put on a face, she can tell
'Cause she knows me so well

Chorus :
Who's has been my closest friend, someone who will be there till the end
My sister, sister
Deeper than the deepest sea, no one loves you like a family
My sister, sister

She, reads my diary, she borrows clothes from me
And I never get them back again
And she (and she), locks the bathroom door, says five minutes more
And an hour later I'm still not in
And sometimes we fight, every family does (oh yeah)
But that can't change our love


To fell and break the good times, who helped me through the hard times
Who bring me down to roof, remind me what's in coming
And who comes first? Who comes first?
Gotta tell me who I'm talking 'bout
My sister, sister
(Oh yeah) and who comes first? Aren't no doubt about it
My sister, sister

She, watches out for me, I know she'l always be
By my side (by my side)

[Chorus] x 3

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