One Love - Sister Hazel

Lyrics by H. Paul, B. Montana, D. Robbins and K. Block
Music by H. Paul, B. Montana, D. Robbins, and R. Newell

We are just children understand
We're two in a million the precious grains of sand
We slip through the fingers dancing on the wind
We find each other

One you - one me
One chance for us to live
One heart - one soul
One life for us to give
One dream - one mind
One sky up above
One you - one me
One love
One love

A star made a wish on us tonight
Hangin' out in heaven inspired by our light
She knows how it feels to shine on all the world
And last forever


Surrender all your battles
It's only love that makes us matter

We are all the possibilities
As endless as our imagination


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