Breathe - Sixpence None The Richer

Take my sorrow and my sin
I will run into Your arms again
Hold me Father
Once again my tears are dried
By your perfect love that's river-wide

As I stand on its bank
With my arms overhead
I am overcome

As I breathe
The air of Heaven
Drawing in Your fragrance
When I breathe
I feel Your fullness come alive
Inside of me
You're the breath that I breathe

Covered by the evening sky
I turn my gaze to where Your kingdom lies
Deep inside me
A silent whisper in my mind
Sweet surrender to Your love divine
Peace enfolding

In the stillness I empty my soul
And Your presence flows

(Repeat Chorus)

You're the breath that I breathe
It's taking hold

It's second nature when I
When I Savor...
As I breathe

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