Mr. De-Luxe - Skid Row

He's got all a man can need,
And he never tried speed.
He likes to play it straight along the line.
He's got a wife and three kids
And a band named Skid,
And the way he makin' bread all the time.

He likes to keep it cool,
And breakin' all of the rules,
But you know he's doin' the best that he can.
And his wife leave by soon in his handmade boots,
Mr. De-Luxe is that kind of man.
Ah, oh, oh, oh-oh, oh, wow.

He never has a fag,
Though his C-top Jag
Cost more than I'd like to say.
He's got a country house
That really knocks you out.
You ought to see it on a clear blue day.

He's got a something to show,
We were days on the road,
And he made it with a Fleetwood Mac band.
And if you knew him well,
You could easily tell
How Mr. De-Luxe is that kind of man.
Ooah, all-right.

He brought us over here
And bought us all new gear,
And told us just what we'd have to do.
You've got to go down well,
Ring some bells,
But do only what appeals to you.

So we did our best,
And now you know the rest.
And they're proud of us back in Ireland.
The chance of the guy who never wears a tie,
Mr. De-Luxe, he's that kind of man, oh.
Wow, wow,
I can't hear you, can't hear you, oh.

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