Puration Of The Nation - Slayer

Exclamation , instigation, massduration.
Free this nation from the f_cking society!
You never knew what I wanted, I will tell you right now:
I just wanted to slit your f_cking throat.


Genocide, kiss your f_cking head goodbye!
I'll cut it off.
Anything you say will warrent your death!

Instigate the virus! War!
Mindcontrol the nation, rise above the institution,
religion is the black plague, epidemic of the 21st century!

When will you realize you cant hide from death!
Destruction will find you, look at me,
look into my eyes as I shed your blood!

I want you to die, you make me hate you.
I want to see you suffer. I cant control the urge to slit your throat.

Saturation, give the people the way of pain!
Purge the infection of the world with hate!
My instigation is the saturation of the god damn nation,
free the slaves of god, cut the bonds of religion with the scythe of death!

Make way for the bulldozer of pain,
I am your distain,
there is nothing to gain from your death but peace!
the prison of the mind will fall! GENOCIDE TO ALL!

Satisfy your greed, smother us with your poison! Of the instigation,
intuvition of the nation. I will find you hiding and damage your body as you weep!
Make friends with the oppressor, destruction will come from within his mind,
blind hatred of pain!

F_ck you, you are the reason my palms are fused as fists!
They will find you soon. You will beg for mercy
but I never want to hear your words,
I dont want to hear a f_cking sound from you.

All I want to hear is the sound of blood coming out of your f_cking mouth!

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