Price Tag - Sleater-Kinney

The bells go off
The buzzer coughs
The traffic starts to buzz
The clothes are stiff
The fabrics itch
The fit's a little rough
But I s_ck it in
To every stitch
Try to fit inside the glove
I scramble eggs
For little legs
The day's off in a rush

It's 9am
We must clock in
The system waits for us
I stock the shelves
I work the rows
The products all light up
If I could flip the switch
The system fix
I could move us to the top
The numbers roll
It's time to go
I'm never fast enough

We never really checked
We never really check the price tag
When the cost comes in
It's gonna be high
We love our bargains
We love the prices so low
With the good jobs gone
It's gone be raw

In the market
The kids are starving
They reach for the good stuff
Let's stay off the label
Just till we're able
To save a little up
The next big win
The ship comes in
No more worry for us
Just keep movie
The wheels keep turning
It's time to go pay up

I was lured by the devil
I was lured by the cause
I was lured by the fear
That all we had was lost
I was blind by the money
I was numb from the greed
I'll take God when I'm ready
I'll choose sin till I leave

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