Butcher's Hook - Slipknot

Contrite - Commercial - Arrogance - Leprosy
Consume The B_tch - The F_cker - Mindless - Like A Child
For Pity's Sake - I've Had All That I Can Take
We Try - But In The End We'll See
There Are No More Codes
Only Who Is Sh_t / And Who's Still Free
I Was Gonna Change The World With Honor And Aggression
No One Listened - No One Cared
All They Saw Was Misdirection

Go Ahead And Disagree / I'm Giving Up Again...

I Don't Want You Anymore
I Don't Need You Anymore
Fingerprint Of God / Your New Religions Covet
This Vessel Wasn't Built To Last
But I Will Live Forever/ You'll Never Have To Say Surrender
Because You're So Part Of It
My Total Honesty Has No Place For Tomorrow
Guilty Pleasures Give Me Pain
Tell My People I Can't Follow

Go Ahead And Disagree / I'm Giving Up Again...

You'll Never Censor Me / You'd Better Cherish Me
My Reason Has A Voice / Freedom's Gone But We'll Always Have A Choice
My Present Future Tense / It Doesn't Make Much Sense
I'm Coming After You / F_ck You All I'm The Only Point Of View

Violence And Dollar Signs / Another Processed Piece Of Sh_t
You Hide Your Fault In Diamonds And Give Away The Only
Cost - You Can't Delay The Inevitable
Lost - Don't Understand The Incredible Path
I'm Losing Ground - But I Won't Care When I Go Down

Go Ahead And Disagree / I'm Giving Up Again...

I'm Giving Up Again

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