Me Inside - Slipknot

Giving In To What Has Got Me
Feeling Claustrophobic, Scarred
Severed Me From All Emotion
Life Is Just Too F_cking Hard
Snap! Your Face Was All It Took
Cuz This Need Ain't Doin' Me No Good
Fall On My Face, But Can't You See?
This F_cking Life Is Killing Me!

Tearing Me / Inside

Too Far Gone, I'm Catatonic
Leaving You To Criticize
Empty Shell And Running Naked
All Alone... Lobotomized
Back And Forth Between My Hang-ups
It Isn't Easy To Be Hated
Where Do Ya Go? Whaddya Do?
Simpleton, Impromptu, Crazy Eight
I Never Cared, Not Once
Gotta Get Away!

Tearing Me / Inside

I Wasn't Promised A Thing
You Keep Mocking Me
But You Will Never Again
Before You Know It - After You're Gone


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