105 - Smash Mouth

Why the hell are we waitin' in line?
A billion cars in front and behind
We're going the way of the dinosaur
They'll make petrol out of us next time

But everything would be alright
If this coffin I'm in was a kite
I'm heading on home to my TV set
I'm glad Sopranos are on Sunday night

Hey you in the car in front of me
I got a message for you, could you pass it on to
The guy sitting in the car in front of you
Ask him to pass it along too

If we all drive 25
We're getting nowhere
If we all drive 75
We'll get there faster
If we all drive 105
We'll get to heaven on time

Bumper-to-bumper grumps
All waiting to get over the hump
Then we realize what's on the other side
It's no wonder why we come undone

But I won't let it get me down
I'll take a look around
My windshield is a movie screen
And everybody's acting like a clown

And in the endzone we see a couch
With our TV dinner eyes
And if you see my window rolling down
I've got a chainsaw for a mouth to cut you down to size

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