Dynamite Lyrical Flow - They Dont Know - So Solid Crew

step on the microfone, explosive,
people oughta pinpa play like they know this,
but they never see the dynamite get ferocious,
gotta show this,
dont know how to blow this,
from a step up on the sexy thing,
get good vibes,
i try to bring,
i try to fling,
but its time to show im not playing,
here im not gonna chat but i know wat they r sayin,
so then i know about me, reebakee, dibadee,
oh my lady come for set that,
M I C on fire,
take them ravers, them i am the evil,
freein up the b-line be,
never never gonna see lyrical ability to put them,
6ft d double e tells me,
i take u to ur final destiny,"

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