No One's Gonna Come - Sondre Lerche

Down in the valley you're close to the sun
but we're heading closer as close as can come
so you said 'you have to put some truth into your words'

Down in the valley, inside your mansion
you won't have to speak to express what you feel
but I said; 'you know how it feels but not what to do'

It doesn't make sense how you can leave the ground
and enter the sky and stay there too

Down in the valley: a myriad of fools
and sometimes they invite you to do what you do,
and these fools share my opinion that flying is crazy too

Down in the valley a choice has been made
a new reputation, it sleeps in your bed
like you said: it never was better than how it was

I know what to say when things fall apart
Now that they grow I'm talking in the dark

You can just call
I will pretend not to care
You'll pretend all
and I'll pretend you called

But no one's gonna come
tell you how it's done
tell you how it feels
'till you come down
It doesn't work by itself
How come?

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