Eyeliner - Sonic Youth

eyeliner was so cheap
it was free it was easy to steal because no
sister would miss it really / why would anyone steal it anyway
you can apply it with the same expertise
as you have with yr guitar
just a bit so no one gets too in yr face
hit the street and go look for angela
licking angela's thighs back and round + round
black lined lashes is punk rock sex without all the hangups
hits are for squares and so is money.
burnt english muffin crunches nicely between teeth
w/ still a whole lotta future to go
bags of records as currency for rent and cigs (and electricity -
sh_t: + phone). prostitutes on chrystie and delancey
think i can afford sex in sara delano roosevelt park?
maybe i look like a rich kid or at least some kid w/ a bit of coin.
they will take it / i can't even imagine it.

no where to go but the back door/hard boot kick to metal void. cold beer stench /
speed plowed waitress
some art rock types working our way
to ice cream and thin sheet glory.
a smile on the jesus freaked hooked on our show.

burnished hearts blind to / inevitable madness
take care of the devil, treat him w/ embrace
alive with mary magdalene's heart.
her eyes light the screen, a siren.
breasts somewhat b_ttoned/somewhat busting thru.
next town over - and i land into /exasperated non-finish. deliver me into tour mode

f_cking kids crashing thru the woods.
stream language, resilient nature,
ripping thru: stones, rocks, / fallen branch.
the chattering skulls of adult nayspeak
grimace. dead orange alerts annoy the bedroom gate.
the poems, like text-straps,
soothe and protect, and beautify the insect click.
city noise, screeching car-things,
grandmothers in fractured finery
a perfect day to taste a dogs coat. / puppy lust, n' luck
corrective licking strategies.
she motion for a light curious / to the invasive fix. -- eyeliner

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