I Love You Mary Jane - Sonic Youth

Sugar come by and get me high (9x)

Look who's back on the program
Hookin' up another fly joint
When I flow on the slow jam.
When I shift I kick to go
Like a fat drunk and I light up a fat spliff
Take a wiff
Can you smell that in the air?
When the smoke come out the building from every where
Sh_t I still get down
So just sit down
When my thoughts stops crawling
Time to sit down
With yet I go wrong
You got to hit my bong
Later on then I'll be getting high all alone
You got a friend named Mary Jane
And she make me feel stange
Now I've got to call out her name

I Love You Mary Jane
Sugar come by and get me high
I Love You Mary Jane

Can I call Marijuanna
If you wanna party
While sh_t I'm gonna as soon as she comes out
Round to my neighberhood
Damm and she always smells good
Let me make this understood
Are you experienced
Have you ever been experienced
Not for the life, make you delerious
Why is the room spinnin'
I can't stop now
I've must have been drinking
'Cause this ain't pot
That's doing me like this
I feel ill now, I'm calling out to Mary
Cause I just can't deal


I Love You Mary Jane

Sugar come by...

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