Master-Dik - Sonic Youth

One two, one two, one two titty
I know every nook and cranny in New York City
We're Ciccone and that's enough
I'm the Royal Tuff Titty
And you gotta taste my love
Taste my love

Come on everybody and rock with me
I am the one on the Christmas tree
Now whippin' out the words like a moving story
Now walking up the stairs
And corkin' up the board
Trippin' anywhere, I don't f_ckin' care
Put on some dark eyes and wave me goodbye

[Kiss sample: "said she's looking good"]

[thurston does random ciccone rap overtop]

[gene simmons is an ugly mother... i know...
c-ciccone.. we're ciccone.. etc ... something that sounds like "crack man you're gonna wish up a snooze".. "like a hylozoic gonna pass right through saying 'all is one and one is too too many'... sssspeed up... "said she's looking good" again... aaaaaaaaaoooowwwwwwoooooooooooo.. mascis wail]

London f_ck you're pissing me off
Hollywood weirdo, cough cough cough
Won't you please let me rock you
Now I'm just a boy and not much to do
Everybody says doesn't come from above
You're gonna scream when you taste my love
Taste my love
Yeah we're Ciccone...
We're ciccone...ciccone..c-ciccone..ciccone

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