Psychic Hearts - Sonic Youth

I know you've had a f_cked up life
growing up in a stupid town
your mother was a mixed-up chirp and your father he just f_cked around
a little too much for his own good
i'd kill the bastard if i could
i'd kill all the boys w/ their f_cked up noise
and all the bullsh_t they seem to enjoy
the kids at school call you a sl_t
nothing but a what the f_ck are they into, those stupid fools
loser, asshole, s_ck all the luck
out of the world and you
if i can give it back to you i will
i'll kick their asses all over town, all over town, i'd turn it over
and i don't even know you that well
but what the hell, summer spell
what's it like going out,when no one knows what you're about
abused and used and cut into,by hollow men with nothing to do
you laugh all the time and try to get high, and try to hide behind no lies
they f_cked your head up ,that's for sure
your heart is ripped and wrapped in fur
but you know that sex is pity and insane
and magic seems to kill the pain
and the things that go on inside your brain ,make you seem to thinkthat
you're to blame
don't think about it, throw it out, love 'em all a nd say it loud
fight the scum bags that slap you around
scream,be crazy,lost and found
we don't have to tell you what is right
we have all the faith in what's not right
psychic hearts go out to you
a psychic heart arrives to you
and my prayer to you is that you do all the things you set out to do
live your life the way you want
but will you remember one thing for me, i will always love you
i will always love you

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