Swimsuit Issue - Sonic Youth

I'm just here for dictation - I don't wanna be a sensation
Bein' on Sixty Minutes - was it worth your fifteen minutes?

Don't touch my breast - I'm just working at my desk
Don't put me to the test - I'm just doing my best

Shopping at MaxFields - power for you to wield
Dreams of going to the Grammies - `till you poked me with your whammy

You spined the disc - now you're moving your wrist
I'm just from Encino - why are you so meano

I'm just here for dictation - and not your summer vacation
You really like to shmooze - well now you're on the news

I'm from Sherman Oaks - just a wheel with spokes
But I ain't giving you headace - in a Sunset bungalow

Roshumba, Judith, Paulina, Cathy, Vendella, Naomi,
Ashley, Angie, Stacey, Gail
Ice women
Ice women
Ice women

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