Gravity - Soul Decision

You're unavoidable, simply irresistible
And certainly you're kissable
But next to you I'm way too shy
And lose my backbone
Leave my feelings unknown
Play should've could've on my own
Then I'm left to wonder why

* This is all so hard, letting down my guard
It's all the same, it's you I blame
But maybe that's not right
So I'll blame gravity

** For always holding out on me
When I just want to run away
It trips me and I fall for you
Makes perfect sense to me
Lose responsibility
Then every time I fail to see
How easy this could be
I can put the blame on gravity

You're undeniable, truly unbelievable
And certainly achievable
If only I could speak my mind
But I deliberate simple things, I complicate
Then I think it best to wait
It happens to me all the time

[Repeat * , **]

There is something I must confess
I was happy with loneliness, oh yeah
Weightlessness is so easy to be
Now I'm up in a different spin
Out of control and completely into you
So why put the blame on me
When I can put the blame on gravity

[Repeat ** , ** , **]

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